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Central Highlands

The Central Highlands comprises the towns of Emerald, Anakie, Willows Gemfields, Sapphire, Rubyvale, Capella, Tieri, Clermont, Alpha, Jericho, Bogantungan, Comet, Blackwater, Bluff, Dingo, Bauhinia, Duaringa, Gindie, Springsure, Rolleston and the Carnarvon Gorge. The region offers many unique sights and experiences and is right on the Tropic of Capricorn.

· The southern hemisphere’s largest commercial sapphire producing fields
· Extensive galleries of ancient aboriginal art
· Spectacular National Parks, including Carnarvon National Park
· The second largest man made lake in Queensland,

Lake Maraboon and the Fairbairn Dam
· Fishing, redclawing and water sports
· Gold fossicking
· Coal trains more than 1km long
· Pioneering history
· Cultural experiences
· Some of Queensland’s oldest and newest towns
· Award winning festivals and events
· Broadacre farm tours
· The largest seam of steaming coal in the southern hemisphere at Blair Athol.

Free tours available Tuesdays and Fridays, except in wet season
· Diverse agriculture

– grain, oilseeds, cotton, legumes, citrus, grapes

and beef are grown on a large scale.

Winter (dry season) average temp maximum 23, minimum 8 C.
Summer (wet season) average temp maximum 34, minimum 22 C.
Rainfall average 640mls per year.
The Tropic of Capricorn runs through the Central Highlands.

On the Great Inland Way, the crossing is just north of Emerald at the Theresa Creek bridge.

Please keep your vehicle clean of weed seeds.

Washdown bays are located in Emerald, Roma, Injune, Rolleston, Springsure, Gracemere and Charters Towers.