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Old Mick’s Gemshop


Mick Stonebridge spent 55 of his 91 years on the Gemfields and during that time became a symbol of Sapphire Mining Community.

Although somewhat of a recluse, Mick was liked and respected by all.

Mick was always willing to display his large green Sapphire, which he carried on his person since it’s theft and recovery some years ago; the stone known as “Stonebridge’s Green”.

Though a wealthy man, Mick preferred to live a spartan existence and died as he lived-alone.

Mick belonged to a passing generation of Australians whose toughness and independence, in the face of hard times in a hard country, has immortalised them in our traditions and literature.


The largest sapphire in the world, the Centenary Stone, was mined on these fields, weighing in at a cool 13.01 ounces (2020 carats). This stone was “specked” on an oversize heap in 1979.


Old Mick’s Gem Shop has many tourist attractions on offer on the Gemfields, each a MUST for short or long term visitors. There are 4WD tours operating daily, visits to underground mines, and fossicking parks where you can sieve your own.

Rubyvale has its own hotel, a variety of shops to suit your basic needs, a Post Office and limited banking facilities. There are also Caravan Parks, and 3 star accommodation available in Rubyvale.

A visit to the Gemfields is a vacation with a difference. You will find it a truly unique and memorable experience.


From this point, the concentrates are hand sorted to select only the gemstones in their rough form. The rough gemstones are then cut and polished, using a faceting machine, into sparkling jewels. The polishes gem is now set into a piece of fine jewellery which will enhance its natural beauty.

Old Mick’s Gemshop’s Gem-cutters on the CQ Gemfields take great pride in their work and produce Gems of a quality that is superior to anywhere else in the world. They also have the largest colour range in the world, due to the unusual mineralisation of our soil.

This superior quality and range of colour can all be found at

Old Mick’s Gem Shop.
Keilambete Road, Rubyvale
P.O. Box 58, Rubyvale, Q.4702
PHONE : (07) 4985 4432
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